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Our special designed and manufactured disposable skin stapler is the specific instrument for surgical skin suture. With novel structure and application security, our skin stapler has the advantages of quick speed of sewing up during the operation, little histological reaction, good wound matching and healing, small surgical scar, and no pain for removing, etc. Our disposable skin stapler enables you not to only work with higher efficiency, but also avoid iatric cross-infection effectively.

Model No.: F-35R, F-25R, F-15R, F-35W,F-25W,F-15W
Application: For Skin Suture in: 
1) General surgery 
2) Heart and bosom surgery 
3) Plastic surgery 
4) Burn Surgery 
5) Neurosurgery 
6) Field Rescue 
7) Gynecology & Obstetrids 
8) Emergency treatment 
And so on…. 
For Using in: Operating Room, Labor and Delivery, Emergency Department, Outpatient Surgery, Clinics and physician’s office

1. Simple and reasonable design, easy to operate. 
2. High sewing up and stapling speed during operation. 
3. Much less scar after cure compare with suture. 
4. High Quality medical use Stainless Steel help for avoiding the cross infection. 
5. Painless and convenient when remove staples.

China patent no.: 97250208-4 
Manufacture licences no.: ZSYJXSCX 20100189 
Product reg. No.: ZSYJXZZ 2014 NO. 2650016






Staple Material

316L & 31723 Type Stainless Steel

For Medical Use

316L & 31723 Type Stainless

Steel For Medical Use

Staple Diameter

Φ 0.5mm

Φ 0.6mm

Staple size after stapling

5.9mm (width) × 3.9mm (height)

7.2mm (width) × 4.9mm (height)

Staple bearable stretching force

≥ 4N

higher than F-35R model

Number of staples



Way of sterilization

Ethylene oxide sterilization

Ethylene oxide sterilization

Period of validity

5 yrs.

5 yrs.

Applicable parts

Parts with demand of aesthetics

Parts with high stretching force

Packing Detail:
100 pieces/carton (5 pieces × 20 boxes/carton)
Gross Weight of each carton: 11.20kgs 
Net Weight of each carton: 9.70 kgs 
Carton Size: 57.0 x 39.70 x 29.80 cm