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Product Details:

EU MDR in Progress 

With more than 15 years of developing and manufacturing of H2O2 plasma sterilizers, Laoken has come up with new version of plasma sterilizer with more cycles, shorter cycle time, and more complementary functions for easy and fast sterilization in your facility.


  • Four preset cycles:
  1. Short Cycle: for instruments with simple surfaces
  2. Standard Cycle: for instruments with lumens
  3. Endo Cycle: for max. 2 pcs of flexible endoscopes (Optional)

4 . Drying Cycle: for drying of pre-dried lumens and reducing cycle interruptions (Optional)

  • H2O2 concentration detection  (Optional) 
  • Build-in biological incubator 
  • Higher chamber humidity resistance, less cycle cancellations 
  • Soft heating technology for even-distributed chamber temperature 
  • Upgraded vacuum technology for better protection of instruments 
  • Noise ≤55dB
  • Superior material: Aviation grade aluminum alloy
  • Standard retractable loading shelves for easy loading and unloading, also with separation bars for high instruments
  • Standard foot door switch for convenient opening/closing chamber door
  • Standard build-in biological incubator 
  • Display and control: 10 inch TFT touch screen & PLC
  • Capable to connect with various HIS system, CSSD tracking system (Optional)

Available Models