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This blood collection monitor is controlled by microcomputer, with functions of bearing, deducting blood weight, blood collection control, pallet swing (shaker), blood collection pipeline blockage and alarm, and provides convenience for plastic bag blood collection.
It also has functions of instant sway pause, sway stop when approaching controlled quantity, and automatic sway recovery when the next bag begins to collect blood, which reduces the influence of swing on blood collection amount, and improves the accuracy of blood collection amount.

Measuring range

50~1,200ml Any evennumber

Measuring accuracy


Display accuracy


Liquid proportion

1.05 g/ml

Collection speed

≤3 ml/s

Swing frequency

30 rpm to 34 rpm

Swing angle

13 ° ± 2°


Audio visual with interrupter

Power Supply

AC 110V 60Hz or 220V 50 Hz 


275 x 230 x 210 mm


3.5 kgs

Tube Diameter

External diameter of φ4-φ6mm and wall thickness of δ≤0.5mm